Does Lockerbie bomber really have terminal cancer?

That’s the question Scottish authorities are asking after a quick review revealed justice secretary Kenny MacAskill – who ordered the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi – only had one physician tell him the bomber had three months to live.

The Scotsman has more.

… only one doctor was willing to say Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi had less than three months to live. Labour and Conservative politicians have demanded the Scottish Government publish details of the doctor’s expertise and qualifications, amid suggestions he or she may not have been a prostate cancer expert.

The parties have also raised questions over whether the doctor was employed by the Libyan government or Megrahi’s legal team, which could have influenced the judgment.

Will al-Megrahi reach room temperature in the next 60 days? If not, what will happen? If he is cured, will he be returned to prison? Here’s more from The Scotsman, but do head over there to read the full article.

Mr MacAskill has said he based his decision to release Megrahi on the opinions of a range of experts.

But this is contradicted by a decisive report sent to Mr MacAskill on 10 August.

While it noted that four prostate cancer specialists – two oncologists and two urologists – were consulted, the summary said: “Whether or not prognosis is more or less than three months, no specialist would be willing to say.”

The report suggests that only one doctor was willing to support the claim that Megrahi had just weeks to live.

The medical report stated that the “less than three months to live” prognosis was: “In the opinion of Megrahi’s (the name or title of the individual was then blanked out] … who has dealt with him prior to, during and following the diagnosis.”

There was also a suggestion that Megrahi might not be as ill as had been claimed. The report said: “Clinicians who have assessed Mr Megrahi have commented on his relative lack of symptoms when considering the severity and stage of underlying disease.”

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    A classmate of mine Turhan Ergin sat on Pan Am Flight 103 seat 28C. My very first instinct was President Obama is behind the release of Al Margrahi. Factual developments continue to bear this out. Request for release came from Lybia in July after Obama's trip to Cairo, the release happened immediately prior to Obama's Happy Ramadan video release , and Khadaffi will soon be at the UN. No sooner does the FBI make a RARE expression of outrage, and Eric Holder makes a radical move to sieze control of CIA foreign operations. We see Magrahi may live a long life and Lybia has bailed out scotish banks damaged by the US financial collapse. Obama did this and he is too Cowardly to own up to it. Now we have a cold civil war between CIA/FBI and Obama/justice. Our country is in very grave danger. . .

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