Dodd … Stand By Your Friends

Chris Dodd is coming out but the answers still ring hollow. Connecticut’s senior senator tells Channel 3’s Dennis House:

  • Hey, Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg’s lying … no sweetheart mortgage deal
  • No I will not release my mortgage papers … everyone already saw em … for a day
  • The Irish cottage thing … hey the appraisal said it was worth the $200,000 … who am I to argue?
  • and finally on his real estate dealings with and arranged 2001 Presidential pardon for convicted securities fraud friend Edward Downe … you stand by your friends … well that is except if your friend is standing on principal … like Joe Lieberman?

Dodd on the mortgage deal …


Oh and if you’re interested, here’s what Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg told the Feds …


Just so we can set the record straight, Dodd did get a deal above and beyond the average mortgage rate, which he claimed he negotiated. I can assure the Senator, 4 and 1/4 on a loan that size … you got a sweetheart deal. Not to mention closing costs, which may or may not have been waived, I do not know because I have not seen the documents. And as for seeing those mortgage papers again …. fogeddaboudit!


Allowing select reporters to view documents for a view hours and calling it transparency is dishonest in itself. As I have said before, it was a circus. I was considering posting Dodd’s answer on his $200,000 (2001 prices) seaside gold coast Irish cottage … but I won’t bother. Suffice to say it was … “the bank appraised it and what could I say”.

All a all nice try but if this is the best he has, he’s got problems … big ones. You know what a house is worth, especially when condos in the area go for much more. It stinks which is why we keep saying … release the papers.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    As the late great Jerome "Curly" Howard once said: "I'm a victim of soicumstances!"

    Chris Dodd: proud graduate of the John Kerry Institute of Obfuscation, specializing in burying documents that will completely blow your story out of the water.  Minoring in "the public has short memories" and advanced "the media will cover for me."

    • Wyndeward
      Wyndeward says:

      Ah, but he also ignored the advice of another Curley (among others) — Mayor James Michael Curley of Boston — "never complain, never explain."

      • 11pm
        11pm says:

        Keep up the good work Jim.

        There is little we in Connecticut can do about Queen Nancy but, we owe the nation a patriotic duty to vote Dodd out of office in 2010. Dodd well knows he has two years before elections, and during that time he will lie low and let the public forget that he ignored his duty at the banking committee while taking loans from those he was regulating. Aside from Face the State, Dodd is invisible on the economy, while he is running ads about how he is helping people by supporting government healthcare. Seniors and the poor love free healthcare (they don't pay for it why not) and they will return Dodd to office unless the rest of us keep a lazier beam focused on Dodd for the next two years.


  2. Lazybum
    Lazybum says:

    I predict that our fellow Connecticutlets will re-elect Dudd. Look at our past record. I will still support Rob S or whomever runs against him.

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