Connecticut state senator submits legislation to limit firearms to one round

I’ve been looking back at posts during the past week or so and I really don’t want to write any more firearm posts. My opinion is clear, well thought out and documented. Then some state senator in Connecticut whips out his pen and submits the following legislation.

Here’s Proposed Bill 122 that has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That the general statutes be amended to establish a class C felony offense, except for certain military and law enforcement personnel and certain gun clubs, for (1) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate, transport, possess or use any gun except one made to fire a single round, (2) any person to fire a gun containing more than a single round, (3) any person or organization to receive from another state, territory or country a gun made to fire multiple rounds, or (4) any person or organization to purchase, sell, donate or possess a magazine or clip capable of holding more than one round.

Statement of Purpose:

To reduce the use of guns for criminal purposes.

Effectively, this bans handguns – both pistols and revolvers – as well as most rifles and shotguns. It makes it a felony to even posses one. This guy is outright flipping the bird to the 2nd Amendment.

What do you actually say to a person who suggests such a thing? It’s obvious Sen. Edwad Meyer (D-Conn.) from the 12th Senate District along the East Haven/Guilford/Madison shoreline is upset. But it’s also obvious he could care less about your right to defend yourself against evil and tyranny. It looks like he submitted the legislation within the last week, but he does not seem to have the guts to put this news on his website.

Meyer just told you that you have the right to defend yourself with no more than one shot.
If you do not stop the threat, you deserve to die.

Reach out and contact Meyer and let him know what you think. Be nice. Refer him to my posts on the subject here at RVO. Don’t expect him to listen to you or bother to respond.

Sen. Edward Meyer
Legislative Office Building
Room 3200
Hartford, CT 06106-1591

Contact via email

You can also reach out to his legislative aide, Eric Emanuelson at (860) 240-0455, or toll-free: 800) 842-1420

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  1. kateinmaine
    kateinmaine says:

    what you say is ‘mr. meyer, you recently swore an oath to uphold and defend both the ct state constitution and the u.s. constitution.? did you comprehend and accept the words you spoke or merely mouth them?? both of those documents protect the right of the citizenry to possess and bear arms in self-defense, as well as in defense of/from the state.? with regard to your proposed bill 122, would you please clarify a few things?? is it your intent to violate both constitutions?? is it your intent to violate the rights of citizens?? is it your intent to put the safety of citizens at risk by restricting their ability to defend themselves?? is it your intent to willfully destroy the value of goods, commerce and a viable industry that supports many ct people/companies in these terrible economic times?? is it your intent ignore a legal oath which you took upon your honor, before god and those assembled, and on behalf of the people who gave you the privilege of office?? or is it merely your intent to litter the limited legislative session time with pointless, pompous paper, unfit for recycling?? the stated purpose of the ‘bill’ is to reduce the use of guns for criminal purposes, but nothing in the piece addresses that at all.? it…

    • kateinmaine
      kateinmaine says:

      ?…merely makes anyone who owns, possesses, handles, uses, trades or sells a multi-round gun a class c felon.? perhaps you may wish to withdraw this bill and formulate something better considered, less knee-jerk and fully compliant with the law and both constitutions.? i know that your ny roots, turncoat political history and yale background reject such quaint, provincial thought, but you live and work in ct now–that’s how we roll.? we’re watching now–don’t disappoint.’

      • Lynn
        Lynn says:

        Kate, as always you have a very sound argument. I can’t find a hole in it. However, I have questioned Mr. Meyer ?at a Forum. When I asked him, “Manufacturing businesses in Ct have steadily declined in the past 15 years. Would you consider eliminating the tax on manufacturing equipment? (Ct is the only state in the Northeast and most companies will locate or move out of Ct to avoid this tax). He told me, “when we balance the budget”. Ok, that is when hell freezes over, Right? ?Does this sound like anyone who has a grasp on logic? Sorry, Steve, I know this is off subject, but it proved to me, just how cynical and deranged this “representative” is. ?

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Just one round away from “Great” Britain. ?That was quick.
    The analogies just keep coming…

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Legislation like this should simply be filed under “hysterical” (the crazy kind, not the funny kind).

  4. Gary J
    Gary J says:

    I SAY LETS AMEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. No free speach for Connecticut state legislators when on official business or speaking in an official capacity.
    When home during family affairs free speach is allowed.
    ? After all If one amendment can be altered and or ignored any one of them can by anyone or at any time. Rules are rules? PERIOD

  5. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    Need to email him, your own congressmen….attend the “demonstration” to be held by the 2 women who are concerned about gun safety….They expect 1,000 marchers.

  6. JBS
    JBS says:

    Nailed him! You rock, kateinmaine! I couldn’t have said it better if I had thought of it.
    To propose something so unconstitutional is ludicrous. Sad part is that the other Democrats probably slapped him on the back, shook his hand and said, “You’re our boy!”
    I wonder if the people who live in East Haven/Guilford/Madison (isn’t Branford in that mix?)? know that they have a gun-grabber tool representing them? I know some really fine people who live there and I am sure they wouldn’t like this type of representation.
    I’m in the Northwest of CT and I don’t like his style of bill writing.
    P.S. Even though it wasn’t the best of weather days, it was a great day at the range. Rifle, pistol and trap ranges were well attended and active. Around fifteen people attended the basic pistol course in preparation for getting his or her pistol permit.
    Enough to make a gun-grabbing, progressive, liberal Democrat cry.

  7. Vizionmusic
    Vizionmusic says:

    Sen. Edwad Meyer… I only wish that I could walk up to you, slap your face with a pair of gloves, throw the gloves down on the ground and CHALLENGE you to a good old fashioned dual ( without a gun )….

  8. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Meyer’s proposal is of course silly, but it is his?desired end result.? It was proposed for affect – that is what liberals and Democrats, in general are most comfortable with, demagogue from a perceived platform.? They LOVE the moral high ground as they see it.?
    His proposal is an infringement on the right to own a firearm and therefore violates the 2nd Amendment.? But so does the craftily-worded CT Assault Weapons ban.? Exepct more, not less of these anti-Constitutional bricks to be thrown as they hope to incrementally break down the wall of the 2nd Amenedment.
    ps – who voted this guy into an elected office?

    • Lynn
      Lynn says:

      If anyone wanted to check Mr. Meyer’s record of endorsements, and I did. I was shocked to find CBIA (CT Business and Industry Assoc.) endorsed him. When I called to ask CBIA why. They replied because he has done much to help businesses with complying with environmental laws of state. Frankly, this is not exactly the help businesses need. Eliminating some of the onerous environmental laws would help. But, if someone thought this candidate would help their business, they might vote for him. Voters need to examine voting records of these perpetual State Senators. Most Democrats believe govt. needs to regulate everything.

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