Connecticut budget deal includes $1.6 billion in union concessions

I don’t have the time to review or write about the Connecticut budget deal which is being announced – as I understand it – right now by Gov. Dannel Malloy (D). Consider this a placeholder for future comments by Jim or myself.

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  1. Tomct
    Tomct says:

    I really thought there might be more “announced” layoffs, not the 4700, but some. ?Realistically, the natives would then have become very restless when the State announced they were closing some parks, beaches, campgrounds, DMV offices, Dinosaur Park, the ferries, etc. ?We’ve been there and done that!! ?The resolution seems fair to me, thought surprised at the 4 year window for no layoffs. ?There was no way our “dear” governor could expect $40,000 in concessions from 50,000 people, that is not a fair share.

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