Connecticut AG targets AIG employee who does not work for AIG – “Death Threats”

This is just too much and what happens when publicity hungry politicians try to capitalize on public outrage and ginned up fury.Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his fellow Democrats held a show trial today in Hartford demanding answers from AIG on their bonuses, using the company’s location (Wilton, Connecticut) as justification for this circus.  They had subpoenaed a wide range of AIG executives including this poor guy. From NBC 30

Christopher Pohle, of New Canaan, was falsely identified as an AIG employee who received a retention bonus, State Representative John W. Hetherington, said in a news release Thursday.  To be clear, everyone, he did not get a bonus.

Pohle is demanding that the State of Connecticut, including the Attorney General and the legislature’s Banks Committee, apologize and issue a retraction.

“Mr. Pohle has not been employed by AIG for over a year.  He left AIG in January 2008.  He did not receive a retention bonus and did not work with credit derivatives,” Hetherington said in the release.

So how did Mr Pohle become the target of the AG’s witch hunt? Why from the main stream media of course.

State officials obtained the names from media accounts about the bonuses, the Stamford Advocate reports.

Kinda puts this next story in perspective, don’t ya think? NBC 30 released some of the threatening e-mails AIG employees have received from a crowd worked into a lather by politicians.

Here are some of the highlights (or rather, low-lights).  We’ve cleaned up some of the nasty language, but you can use your imagination:

— All you motherf***ers should be shot.  Thanks for f***ing up our economy then taking our money.

— Dear Sir: Ya’ll should have the balls and come clean and give back the bonuses. I know you would never do this so the gov’t ought to take you out back and shoot everyone of you crooked sonofb****es…I would be very careful when I went out side. This is just a warning. If I were ya’ll I would be real afraid. Thanks, Bill.

— I don’t hope that bad things happen to the recipients of those bonuses. I really hope that bad things happen to the children and grandchildren of them!  Whatever hurts them the most!!

— You f***ing suck. Paying bonuses to the d*****s that made bad bets losing your company billions of dollars.  I want to f***ing puke.  Publish the list of those yankee scumbags so some good old southern boys can take care of them.

But it also puts this creep’s demands that Ed Liddy release the names in chilling perspective as well.


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Jim Vicevich

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  1. Darlene on March 26, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Blumenthal and the media will be the last ones to take responsibility if something were to happen to this person or any other executive associates with this mess.  Their outrage is so hypocritical it makes me sick.

  2. Dimsdale on March 26, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Remember when it was only fringe elements like Al Sharpton the fomented crazed mobs that threatened, and some cases followed through with, the demise of some targeted individual.

    Now you know why some people voted for Obambi: the threat of riots etc.

    Is Blumenthal still getting a chauffeured ride to and from work each day on the taxpayer's dime, or did he finally get that Prius he said he wanted?

  3. Erik Blazynski on March 27, 2009 at 4:38 am

    This isn't really the point. The point is that the government has no right to subpoena these records and publish these names of private citizens who are just going to work every day. THis is an outrage

  4. Dottie on March 27, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Isn't insiting to riot or do violence against the law?

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