Chicago Considers 500 Homicides per Year Acceptable

Can Chicago residents defend themselves? You’re welcome to run and hide, move out of the city, or just hope you don’t become a victim, but the city has basically banned handgun ownership and does not allow concealed carry permits. The state is a bit more lenient, but there is no state preemption of local laws.

Here’s what I consider an unbelievable statement by Chicago police department spokeswoman Monique Bond…

But Bond took issue with the governor’s contention that crime is “out of control” in Chicago.

In fact, she said if the current murder rate holds in the city, 2008 may end with fewer than 500 homicides and that it is expected to be one of the least deadly years in the city in the last 40 years.

Is 500 homicides an acceptable figure? Sweet goodness; I’d define that as out-of-control. Totally.

Although I’m all for firearm ownership and training for those who wish to carry, it’s not the only option. Just having concealed carry laws helps to reduce crime, even if only a small percentage of the residents actually carry.

It’s quite obvious that criminals – when they have a choice – prefer gun free zones to commit their crimes. The profession is less hazardous – for them – when the good guys don’t have a firearm for protection.

Chicago, and other cities like Washington D.C. are clear examples.

The democrat governor is even offering up State Police and National Guard troops to help out in the city. Malkin has more and some good comments flowing.

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  1. RobertG
    RobertG says:

    Is 500 homicides an acceptable figure? Well I guess it is to Chicago police department spokeswoman Monique Bond. It does seem all the really big cities are run by either proto Communist, crooks or crooked proto Communist. London had Red Ken Livingston, Berlin has an Obamaite mayor, Los Angeles has a Reconquista mayor and Chicago has Daly.

    I am glad I am a hick in the sticks–Arizona– where I can carry a sidearm 24/7 and it is considered rude to interfere in someone else's business. I did shoot two home invasion burglars a number of years ago. The one that survived went to prison for Felony Murder and I had to replace my entry way floor and door.

    Thing is this state with Open Carry, Concealed Carry, no registration and no licensing except for concealed carry has a far lower crime rate that Chicago. There are 4/5 million people in the Phoenix metropolitan area so it is no small town.

  2. RobertG
    RobertG says:

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    moderation is a bad word to use on a site called Conservative247. You need a better, more conservative, word.

  3. Steve M
    Steve M says:

    I'll look at the code to see if I can change the word moderation and will try to find a rich text editor of some sort for comments.

  4. Marvin
    Marvin says:

    If law-abiding citizens have guns,
    there will be less crime,
    and fewer criminals.

    For example, Kennesaw, Ga – in the mid-1980's, Kennesaw enacted a law which required homeowners to keep a firearm in their home. (You can file to get an exemption if you object to firearms.)
    Crime dropped over 70% in the first two years after this law passed.
    and there have been zero (o) gun deaths in Kennesaw since the law went into effect.

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