Charlie’s Angles…

Blame it on my misspent youth — “I remember Charlie’s Angels.”  Farah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Cheryl Tiegs, big hair, bad guys and a resonant voice emitting from a intercom system. In this modern era of “re-imaginings” and “remakes,” let me make a modest proposal… I present, for your entertainment pleasure, “Charlie’s Angles.

In a world with insoluble problems, like the tax code, enter Charlie Rangel. The man who writes the tax code and, recently, has called for harder and harsher enforcement of these regulations by the IRS. Charlie, however, doesn’t always live up to the letter of the laws he rights — as Leona Helmsley might say — taxes are for the little people.

Enter “Charlie’s Angles”. When the men and women who purport to represent you don’t live up to the standards they themselves set, they must face a jury of their peers — the Ethics committee. A clever man, Charlie Rangel has the best defense that money can buy. What do you buy for the man who has everything? I haven’t the foggiest — but, apparently, he tried to the Ethics committee for himself.

” A few Democrats returned Rangel’s donations, including Ethics Committee member Peter Welch of Vermont, who said he returned Rangel’s $20,000 out of “an abundance of caution.”

Two other Democrats on the panel — Ben Chandler of Kentucky, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina — have refused to return Rangel’s contributions.

The House Ethics Committee’s wide-ranging investigation of Rangel has been expanded twice, as new revelations have come to light. “

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. The more light they shine on Charlie, the more they find.

Betcha Charlie wishes he could be a disembodied voice on an intercom, don’t ya think?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You have to be pretty bad at being corrupt when even other Democrats find you to be politically radioactive.


    Let us hope that Rangel is a figurative "dead man walking" and seeks early retirement.

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