Carville to the DC elite: Hey if Louisiana were Nantucket you guys would be all over this

Actually James, they would have the hired help sucking it up with straws if they had to. Can’t say I disagree with anything James says here. If he keeps this up pretty soon Carville will reach folk hero status. Ta think?For that matter Donna Brazile, who unfortunately she has to bring up politics . But she is right too. Carville will become a cult here along the gulf . James continues to speak truth to power. The bottom line here is, Mr President, we know the spill is not your fault, but cleaning and protecting the shores, or lack there of, is.


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  1. fishergirl
    fishergirl says:

    If I may repeat myself, I have an idea for a 'quick' cleanup of the major oil spill in the Gulf. Now we won't be inhumane about this, unlike the way all the sealife is being treated. I suggest we put all the executives that are pointing fingers at one another, put them in life vests and put them all smack in the middle of the oil spill. Watch how fast it is cleaned up then.

    Karen Jacques

    Thomaston, Ct.

  2. Political Entropy
    Political Entropy says:

    This president is recurrently showing the citizens of this great country that if he's not campaigning for his own selfish gains — whatever superfice that may assume — he simply doesn't care. Ed over at Hot Air remarks and points to a surprisingly logical and coherent article written by Maureen Dowd in the Opinion section of the NYT (link below).


    I'm repeatedly reminded of an image of a little boy hiding under his blanket in hopes that the monster under his bed won't see him. It's OK little Barry. You can come out now.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Loathe as I am to agree with anything Serpenthead says, he nailed it this time.  And the problem is big enough for him to actually criticize a Democrat president!  Isn't it amazing that Øbama is a big enough screwup that die hard Democrats like Carville and Matthews are even seeing the light!


    No matter how much Øbama claims otherwise, he didn't give a rat's patoot about this until the blowback started to stick to him.  How ironic after the way he criticized Bush for the Katrina follies (even though it was really the fault of Blanco and Nagin, upstanding Democrats)!


    In a display of his naivete, he claimed to be in control and responsible for the cleanup "from day one", giving BP a perfect out in the inevitable prosecution of the oil spill.

  4. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    Mr. Carville now knows the plight of the average American in dealing with the holier than thou and bigger than life government.  Put him on a fixed budget or in a middle class job with a 3% raise and watch him get humble.  He'd get quiet too.  He'd have to save all his hot air for his house to save on heating costs.

  5. PatRiot
    PatRiot says:

    I work for a company of only 6,000 employees.  It is cumbersome for us to respond sometimes.  If our dinosuar company gets bit in the butt, it takes a week for the head to turn around to see what bit it.  Then it needs to admit there is a real issue.  Then think of a response.  Then impliment it. 

    And we want a bigger federal government because……..

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