Cantor Smacks Down Pelosi – Update: Barney Frank and Lindsey Graham

The Republicans have had enough and it’s about time.

The Democrats started getting partisan last night … as I detailed below. Last night Republicans said nothing. Today Nancy went right back at it saying the Republicans were to blame for deregulation and ignoring the problem. We detailed yesterday how the root of this lies right with the Democrats, even as Republicans tried to reign in Fannie Mae.

Well today rank and file Republicans had had enough with the spankings from the SF socialist mommy … and they struck back by striking down this bill and Cantor, who helped craft the Republican revised legislation laid the blame on Pelosi’s doorstep.

Here’s what Pelosi and Frank said today … just before the vote.

To score a few points, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to lay the blame for the financial meltdown entirely on the Bush administration’s economic policies.

“They claim to be free market, when it’s really an ‘anything goes’ mentality,” she said. Pelosi urged the House to pass the bill.

Remember … The Democrats could have passed this without the Republicans. Better than 90 Democrats said no … The people have spoken.

UPDATE: Barney Frank Responds: 


And in this corner … Lindsey Graham: Umm no Congressman. Republicans did not like this bill period. Since it’s your position that bipartisanship means blaming Republicans for everything … then your little last minute blame game stunt on the floor sealed the deal.

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Jim Vicevich

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  1. Erik on September 29, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    If this bill is so great they why didn't the dems pass it and take all of the credit. They are spineless wankers, if the tables were turned Republicans would simply vote their convictions, and if they were wrong just lie and say it worked, most people are really stupid and just accept what they are told.

    And the republicans, WTF, if you believe in a bill, then vote for it, if not then don't. But to say that you didn't vote because of Pelosi is silly, unless you were only voting because she asked you to. VOTE YOUR CONVICTIONS and then let the chips fall as they may.


    My faith in this country is partially restored.

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