Bias, What Bias? It’s Positively Post Menopausal

Come on, let’s be honest. The View is not journalism. But this report comparing the View’s treatment of John McCain vs Obama is at the least …. revealing.

and how about author and former Washington Times DC bureau chief Liz Trotta. She pretty much calls it like she sees it.

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  1. Brian Partridge
    Brian Partridge says:

    I thought that was an interesting question. It sure caught McCain off guard.

    He was saying that he wanted judges to strictly interpret the Constitution. There is an amendment banning slavery, but there was also an amendment banning the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors", and that was also repealed (in the 21st amendment).

    Obviously Whoopi doesn't think that slavery will be instituted, having the 13th amendment repealed. Her point was that there are parts of the Constitution that needed to be amended, and that the strict definition of the Constitution is clearly outdated.

    Whoopi's no idiot, Steve.

    Now excuse me while I take advantage of the 21st and sit to watch some football.

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