Baucus bill passes … Democrats say “public option” lives

Well now you knew that was going to happen. Two pieces of sound before I get into some details … although I am not sure why I am bothering. This bill will be decided behind closed doors, the language will change … and clearly, from Obama to Baucus, truth telling and nothing but the truth telling, is not their forte.

First Florida Senator Bill Nelson, smiling from ear to ear, says now we can get down to the stuff we really want … government run health care. It’s alive! Oh … and listen to Shep go after Nelson. Yowzer!


Interesting, but I will believe it when I see it. Still, a Florida Senator talking about this must feel pretty secure. Shep is right. The bill does nothing Obama outlined. Doesn’t insure everyone, no government health care, a minimal insurance mandate penalty. All better in my view but its still a crappy bill.

The real Snowe job took place just a bit later when the President tried to portray this as a bi-partisan bill. Well if one Republican (Olympia Snowe, R-ME) makes this is bipartisan … will Democrats joining Republicans makes the fight against this crummy bill bipartisan?


Just wanted to take on a couple more items the President spoke to. First, his portrayal of this bill as bi-partisan. The doctors are his doctors (Physicians for America), Big Pharma cut a money deal, and while its still unclear where business as a whole stands, there is little question business would love to jetison health care as a perk.

Finally, he hammered insurance companies for the “worst practice” of denial for pre-exisitng conditions, which is just nonsense. Insurance companies would be bankrupt if they were forced to “insure” people who are already sick … which is the same thing that will happen with Government intervention.

Bi-partisan? Please.

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  1. donh
    donh says:

    Bill Nelson smiling like a crockodile in a nursing home. Just wait til those Florida seniors come out to vote. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can never  fool the elderly.  They have lived long enough to know when they are being had by a politician.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Public option lives, decent health care dies.


    Thanks, Olympia!  The term "yellow Snowe" has a future now….

  3. egore
    egore says:

    This whole health care thing is just an excuse for taxation.  Our gub'ment knows that we are on the edge of a cliff economically and need an expensive crisis to get financing.  Most of our entitlements are unsustainable and as soon as our creditors realize we will only pay them back with much inflated dollars our currency will crash.  They will not be able to hold the interest rate on our debt down and it will go to double digits.  When that happens we won't be able to pay the interest with what we take in in taxes and we will have to build new presses to keep up with the money we need to print.   I don't think it is so much about controlling Americans as it is maintaining the flow of money and power to them.   When we crash things will change.   That is how we lose our savings; hyperinflation.

    Buckle up!

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