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Eliot Spitzer debuts as columnist

Shades of WRKO, a Boston AM station where, as the evening drive time talker likes to put it, “If you’re indicted, you’re invited!”  It is still good to see Eliot getting some work. On Wednesday evening, the online magazine ‘Slate’ quietly posted Spitzer’s first column, headlined ‘Too Big Not To Fail.’ It argued against costly […]

The Juice is no Longer on the Loose.

Pull that slow-moving white SUV over, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect any sports memorabilia… “ O.J. Simpson was sentenced Friday to at least 6 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in a failed attempt to recover sports memorabilia from two collectibles peddlers. He could serve up to […]

Hoisted on her own Petard

Who watches the Watchers, indeed… BOSTON — Federal officials Friday charged Boston’s top Homeland Security port director with employing three different illegal immigrants from Brazil to clean her home at the same time she was in charge of overseeing the security of the port and supervising border protection officers. Read it all…

Gun sales up 50% since O!

Apparently, a perceived liberal president has helped recession-proof at least one business sector. “Gun sellers say the election of Barack Obama is helping them avoid the recession. Sales of new guns are booming – up an estimated 50 percent in the suburbs. In Wednesday’s Truth in Politics, CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports the […]

The Gun Control Follies / War on Terror

Gun control laws, frankly, don’t work.  If you would care to argue the point, I request you explain the levels of gun violence in Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Mumbai and Detroit.  Given the strength of the local anti-gun laws in these locations, gun violence should be nil.  Somehow, however, it isn’t. The problem,  oddly enough, […]

Poor Equipment to Blame?

The Times Online has made much of the poor standard of equipment possessed by the Mumbai police in the recent unpleasantness: Indian police who bore the brunt of last week’s attacks on Mumbai had defective bulletproof vests, First World War-era firearms and insufficient weapons training, police sources have told The Times. Many wore plastic helmets […]

Swimming Against the Tide

Bailout madness reached a new high (or is it low?) with the Democrat delegation from Bristol and New Britain seeking to bailout the failing New Britain Herald and Bristol Press.  Their owner, the Journal Register Co., has stated that, unless a buyer is found, the papers will close by Christmas, a victim of the nation-wide […]

A bad day for mayors… a good day for Detroit.

In proof that sour grapes make for a sour whine, Kwame Kilpatrick attributed to political ambition what is adequately explained by the rule of law: “I’m stepping down because the new spirit of this city, the new expectations and standards that we’ve set for excellence in the past six and a half years has been […]

Only in America…

Medicare, the government’s allegedly self-funded health care entitlement program, teeters on the brink of insolvency, or so we have been repeatedly told.  In light of this, you might think that the opportunity to save themselves billions of dollars would be seen as sweet relief.  Instead, it is the cause of a Federal court suit seeking […]