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Kennedy drops out of Senate consideration – sour grapes?

They make for a bitter whine. Hat tip to Hot Air. An update to the original story: From the New York Post … Caroline Kennedy tonight withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’t going to choose her, The Post has learned. Kennedy’s […]

The weed of socialism…

…bears bitter fruit.  From the UK TIMES, by Iain Martin: They don’t know what they’re doing, do they? With every step taken by the Government as it tries frantically to prop up the British banking system, this central truth becomes ever more obvious. The country stands on the precipice. We are at risk of utter […]

By George, I think they’ve got it!

The Netherlands, a liberal-socialist’s paradise, seems to have at least partially woken from their stupor.  Hat tip to Mark Hemingway at NRO. “Two weeks ago, the country’s biggest left-wing political grouping, the Labor Party, which has responsibility for integration as a member of the coalition government led by the Christian Democrats, issued a position paper […]

Taxes, privacy and liberalism

Remember all that Democratic whining about wanting for people to drive more fuel-efficient cars? Here comes the other shoe… “A year ago, the Oregon Department of Transportation announced it had demonstrated that a new way to pay for roads — via a mileage tax and satellite technology — could work. Now Gov. Ted Kulongoski says […]

Chicago Democracy in Action…

It’s not quite stealing the presidency for Kennedy under “Da Mare,” but it comes close. Blagojevich to name Roland Burris BY DAVE McKINNEY Springfield Bureau Chief Gov. Blagojevich today is expected to name former state Comptroller and Attorney General Roland Burris to Illinois’ vacant U.S. Senate seat, a knowledgeable source said this morning. A news […]

Socialized Medicine horror story du jour

(H/T — Jonah Goldberg @ NRO) “The grieving widow of a man who died after a six-hour wait at an A&E department has demanded answers from a hospital trust. Stewart Fleming, 37, arrived at his local hospital with his wife Sarah clutching an urgent note from his doctor saying he must be treated immediately. But […]

Finally, some one said it!

Apparently, there has been an epiphany — a moment of clarity, if you will — in the GOP. “Republican Party officials say they will try next month to pass a resolution accusing President Bush and congressional Republican leaders of embracing “socialism,” underscoring deep dissension within the party at the end of Mr. Bush’s administration. Those […]

Let the good times roll!!

Despite certain reservations over Obama’s outward signs of bipartisanship, Barney Frank is looking forward to the coming administration: “Frank, on MSNBC on Monday, said that he’s delighted Obama was elected and that the country is headed into the “best time” for public policy since the New Deal. “ Unfortunately, Mr. Frank seems to forget that […]

Where did the money go, Part II

Second verse, same as the first, but with a twist: “Think you could borrow money from a bank without saying what you were going to do with it? Well, apparently when banks borrow from you they don’t feel the same need to say how the money is spent. After receiving billions in aid from U.S. […]