Andree McLeod: Palin’s personal stalker

What else can you call a self-described ethics diva that continues to harass Gov. Sarah Palin with bogus ethics charges? A filed complaint that is tossed out of court is one thing, but Andree McLeod has filed four complaints – three of which have been tossed out – and has filed complaint four and five.

In short, McLeod is a Republican who once supported Palin as governor, but seems to be in the middle of an obsessive drive to harass Palin since she was not considered for a position in the Palin administration. Just do an Internet search on Andree McLeod and you make the decision if she’s on some sort of crusade using Alaskan laws to file complaint after stupid complaint, or if she’s a serious watchdog.

People in Alaska think McLeod is nuts and should just go away, they do not like all of this attention.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit today…

The media continued their attacks on Sarah Palin today. The AP reported that Palin is facing another ethics charge- the 18th charge against her.

But, for some odd reason the AP forgot to mention that Governor Palin has defeated every bogus ethics complaint filed against her. It’s funny how that works, huh?

Read the full AP report, and you’ll note nowhere in the article does it mention the Alaska law allowing these complaints to be filed for just about any reason. There have been three additional complaints filed since Palin announced she was leaving office on July 3, and state taxpayers will have to pay thousands and thousands to answer charges.

The state tab for covering the costs of complaints filed by both Republicans and Democrats is upwards of $2 million and the Palin family has more than $500,000 in legal bills.

The Democrats don’t like her for obvious reasons, but old-party Republicans – completely happy with all of the power they have assumed at the state and federal level – don’t like her either since she just may be the closest thing to a true conservative we’ve seen in awhile and does not have the same view of what a politician should be.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    If there was ever a state that needed a "loser pays" law to stop frivolous lawsuits, it is Alaska.

  2. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:


    Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals #4: Make them walk their talk. Palin champions ethics so she is accused of ethics violations. Rule #5: Ridicule the speaker in order to neutralize the message is another popular one. Palin's voice is too high. Rush wears a black shirt. Just a bunch of silly comments which remind me of my former 8th graders when they were in a tizz. So, Saul Alinsky reminds me of Obama and the Chicago way of doing politics. Of course Hillary was also an Alinsky lover. I'm sure that if you look carefully, you'll find some fund that she belongs to which gets money directly or indirectly from George Soros. It sounds like his hand is in this as well. Or ACORN – or whatever they are calling themselves.

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