Alpert’s big whopper

Democratic Senatorial candidate Merrick Alpert is a smart man, Started a business from scratch, sold it, presumably made a bundle, cleaned up and helped sell off another. So he knows his numbers.

With that in mind, during last night’s Democratic Senate Debate, how could he possibly make a statement like this.


On the other hand, his business’ number client was the government, so maybe he’s on to something. But hey, if you’re gunna make up a number that is backed by nothing … why not just say you think we should spend a gazillion dollars of taxpayer money on another stimulus, because the first one worked so well. From The Day (via Capitolreport)

But that stimulus package didn’t even approach $1 trillion, and it was passed at the brink of a recession that lawmakers in both parties were trying to prevent from becoming much, much worse. It’s too kind to say that a proposal from the new junior senator from Connecticut to give stimulus another whirl and round it up to an even trillion while you’re at it would be a non-starter. That go-kart doesn’t even have an engine in it.

Just as reminder to Mr Alpert, here’s what his kids will owe over the next ten years under Obama … and that’s without the $1 trillion dollar porkapalooza he’s proposing. Exit question, since there’ no money left, where’s he planning on getting the trillion from?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Democrat meme: if it ain't broken, dump a load of someone else's money on it and break it.


    Tax and spend, spend and tax.  It is all they know how to do, hence the reflexive attacks on the rich and corporations.   And they wonder why businesses are moving out of state and overseas.

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