A public service announcement from Plax

Since listeners know the Giants are my team … and we have spent a good bit of time this week talking 2nd Amendment, I feel it is important to present this public service announcement. (Hat Tip LGF). Caution: Content Warning (Potty mouth stuff). Video below the fold.

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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Isn't it funny….ha ha ha. Making a joke out of illegal gun activity. There is only one reason why Plaxico shot himself.

    He was not licensed to carry the gun.

    Everything Plaxico did, is why he should serve the mandatory sentance. It is morons like Plaxico that continue to make it more difficult for safe and serious gun owners to bear arms.

  2. Sal C
    Sal C says:

    Wayne do you think if everything else was the same the reason he shot himself was a piece of paper?I know you are saying since he did not have a license to carry the gun he would not have the gun on him.But even if he had a license to carry a gun would not have stopped what happened. I think the reason he shot himself is he was not careful while having a loaded weapon.

    God Bless
    Sal C

  3. David in EH
    David in EH says:

    If he had gone through the proper licensing procedure,which includes a certified gun safety course, he would have known that simply putting a loaded firearm in his waistband isn't a good way to carry a firearm, that a holster isn't merely a fashion accessory, its a good idea, etc.

  4. radiovice
    radiovice says:

    The humor points out the stupidity with which he handled the firearm. In that regard I found the video useful. It contained a content warning as well.

    He had a concealed carry for Florida and the 21 states that offer reciprocity. Thus I doubt seriously if the permit for NYC would have made a difference. Stupid is stupid. In that regard I found the video useful as well.

    As for "illegal", you are correct, although I, and others believe the NYC law to be unconstitutional in that it does not allow for non-residents to apply and thus carry as is their constitutional right. In that regard the video was not useful but I thought I would make the comment anyway.

  5. Wyndeward
    Wyndeward says:

    If that's the case, Jim, my sympathy for Burress, none too high to begin with, just shrank to nothing. While accidents do happen, with firearms, the slightest breach in discipline potentially puts lives at stake. In a sense, he was lucky that the only person who got hurt was himself.

    As for illegal, again, that is a matter of responsibility. While I agree with you, the PTB in NYC do not. It was Burress' responsibility to conform to the local gun laws, esp. since they have gone up from "draconian" to certifiably insane. I empathize but do not sympathize, especially since it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to figure out want sort of judges and prosecutors get elected / selected in that city.

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