Former Democratic State Chair to Dodd: Pull out now

It’s not so much whether Ed Marcus has influence over Chris Dodd. He is after all a former state chair. But he is talking about it publicly. Dodd he says, will not only lose, but he will bring down the entire Democratic ticket including the race for Governor. From this morning’s Face The State.


He also went on to say the Dems will win the Governor’s race by 20 points. This from a party that hasn’t won the Governor’s seat in 4 tries if memory serves me correct. Yikes.

Republican Gregg Withdraws – Video – Updated

Update: From Instapundit:

He’s had a tough time with appointments, but at least Gregg paid his taxes.

And the hits just keep on rolling for an Obama Administration which at this point may never fill this Cabinet. New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg withdrew his name as Commerce Secretary. He just couldn’t do it. In this video he says he withdrew  because he couldn’t be 100% part of the team.

But Fox News reports it was a major disagreement over the Obama Stimulus Package and a slighter one on Census (which had been moved from Commerce to the White House). Fox also reports Gregg was miffed at the way Obama had whacked Republicans in Williamsburg and the Town Meetings.


You just knew this was coming. Gregg will be a bigger help in the Senate. Oh and here’s one for you … first comments from the Democrats comes from Hillary Rosen over at CNN … clearly Gregg does not like school children?


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