Williams reminds us: Manufacturing productivity has doubled in 25 years

… and in 2011 manufacturing increased 11 percent from 2010. But you thought all of the manufacturing was leaving the United States?

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Read Williams: Economic Chaos Ahead

Take a few minutes today to read Prof. Walter Williams’ current Creators Syndicate column, Economic Chaos Ahead.

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Minimum wage not working so well for minority youths

The American people are being sold a bill of goods – lied to – concerning the effects of a minimum wage. Federal and state minimum wage mandates do nothing to help provide a “living wage” nor does it do anything to improve the overall employment picture. Walter E. Williams’ column today discusses how this government interference ensures about one in four minority youths are unemployed.

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Rep. Jackson has the answer – amend the US Constitution to include everything!

Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr (D-Ill.) needs to seek professional help. This is from last week, but it’s just too good to pass up. By the stroke of the pen, Jackson is convinced he can solve all of the problems in the United States. Simply amend the Constitution to guaranty everyone gets a “decent home” and you’ve solved the housing issue!

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Invisible victims of FDA drug policy

I’d call this quite the intellectual challenge. At what point do you stop testing and start distributing new drugs that will help people live healthier lives? Walter Williams points out an important issue influencing the drug approval process. Read more

Williams: Free stuff is not free

Just a quick economics primer from Prof. Walter E. Williams’ syndicated column this morning. The “stuff” some refer to as “free” always has a cost, even if you’re not paying a price for it. Think about it and read today’s column.

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True “rights” exist simultaneously between people

Health care is not a right. There, I said it. Our friend Prof. Walter Williams deserves the credit for pushing me to be blunt today, or maybe it’s just the nice San Antonio weather. Either way, a “right” can not be defined as one that diminishes the rights of another.

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The global warming religious experience

Global warming really is a religion – based almost exclusively on faith and feelings – where facts are created and manipulated on a daily basis to keep the flock in-check. I’ve always said man-made global warming is complete vanity, and our friend Walter Williams agrees.

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Friday guest: Professor Walter Williams – Update: Audio posted

Walter E. Williams, professor of Economics at George Mason University will be a guest on the big radio show tomorrow morning. Update (Jim): Professor Williams will join us at 9:35 AM (EST).

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Williams: EPA cover up and “cap and trade”

Simple homework assignment for all. You need to go read today’s Walter Williams piece and then send every person on your mailing list the link to the article. Instructions below the fold.

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