Colorado not as dope as we thought?

Regulate it and tax it! In the official proposal dated Feb. 18, Colorado’s  Gov. John Hickenlooper requested an additional $28 million in state funding for regulation of pot in the state for the time period July 2013 through July 2015 (two fiscal years). There was already $29 million allocated for enforcement and public safety in 2013. Of course, those state funds would easily be offset by the sales tax generated right? Not so much.

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Connecticut tax revenue up … Until tax increases implemented 16 months ago

If you think a “balanced approach” is the right way to go, let’s take a brief look at headlines concerning Connecticut tax revenue in early 2011 as compared stories this week.

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Connecticut city tries to balance budget with 5% tax on rental income – Fails

When will politicians learn efforts to increase tax revenue have a downstream effect, usually causing serious negative economic issues for the people they are trying to help?

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