Avoid Obamacare penalty by “giving up” huge tax refund

This is hilarious, but not at all unexpected from the left-wing Politico. Paige Cunningham and Rachael Bade penned a post on Friday afternoon referring to a suggestion by Rush Limbaugh on how to avoid the Obamacare tax penalty if you don’t buy a health insurance policy.

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Deadbeat States: It really is “not your money”

We already know about California trying to pay refunds and payments with IOUs. It has even withheld extra cash to cover their mismanagement. Now the list of deadbeat states is growing. Read more

You know that tax break of $7.69? The IRS wants some of it Back

Remember how kind and generous we all thought the young President was being when we got that swell tax cut of $7.69?  Yea  the one that increased the amount of your weekly paychecks.  Well , Huston, we have a problem.

The Ap News reporting today that the tax credit was going to provide up to an additional $400 for individuals, and $800 for married couples.  However the IRS withholding tax tables could cause millions of Americans a little headache come April 2010.

Oh and this does not just affect the Hard Working Americans, oh no it even affects retirees!

Like my father said, You don’t ever get something for nothing.

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File a return … get an IOU

California is strapped for cash … so strapped … that instead of state tax refunds … folks may be getting an IOUs. Steve had already done a great post on that here. Now there’s video … courtesy of Neil Cavuto. Once again Neil brings some common sense to the situation.