Never let a crisis go to waste – guaranteed paid time off when sick

In an effort to take advantage of the swine flu “crisis”, a California Democrat has suggested the federal government pass a law to demand employers provide up to five days of sick time if an employee is told to stay home if they are sick.

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The Rappin Doctor

He is medical director for the Long Island Rail Road. He credits his wife Elizabeth, a nurse, for coming up with the idea.

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Biden shows zero leadership – swine flu freak out UPDATE: Video

Gaff-o-matic boy strikes again. This is one of the most irresponsible statements any politician or leader can make. It’s quite similar to the CEO of a Fortune 50 company going to a news conference and saying that he would not buy any of his own companies stock right now, and he’d advise his family avoid it too. Read more

Blame Canada, Again.

This time it’s the Mexicans. CNN did a man on the street, asking folks who is to blame for the spread of the swine flu. Not Mexico they said. The last interview is the best. Hey, stop kicking Mexico around, OK?


Swine Flu name change: Change you can count on!

Tom Vilsak, former Governor of the hog capital of the world, Iowa, thinks a name change for the swine flu might be appropriate right now … how about H1N1. Why? Pig farmers of course. 


OK .. it’s not swine flu anymore … and its not a war on terror either, or enemy combatants. Change you can count on.

Swine Flu According to Google Update:Video-No Border Closing.

I just thought after looking at the map below you might want to hear for yourself why Secretary “Canada’s the problem” Nepolitano thinks the border should remain open. “The virus is already here.” Oh brother. Remember now … this is the same woman who said crossing the border without a visa is “not a crime per se”. Read more

Wash Your Hands

Honestly, what else can she say? Read more