G.W. Bush approval rating average was 37% in second term

Just a reminder. President Bush’s (43) approval average during his second term was 37 percent, reaching a low point of 25 percent sometime during the fall of 2008, right around election time. The main stream press had totally and completely bought into the Bush Derangement Syndrome by mid-2006 when his approval rating was around 40 percent. The man was blamed for everything.

At what point does the main stream media start giving President Obama a hassle about his approval rating? Buried deep in an AP story from Oct. 9, we learn Obama’s approval rating is now at 37 percent. The same as Bush’s second term average.

Most Americans disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job, the poll suggests, with 53 percent unhappy with his performance and 37 percent approving of it. Congress is scraping rock bottom, with a ghastly approval rating of 5 percent.

My question in the second paragraph is rhetoric, because we all know the main stream media will hold the water for this president and avoid comparing approval numbers to Bush 43 at all cost. That would be a fireable offense for certain.

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air.

Obama health care bounce gone – if there ever was one

President Obama’s weekly approval rating has dropped to 47 percent. Gallup notes the nuclear arms summit and the mixed messages concerning when the United States would, could or might use them may have cause discomfort, but I’m not sure that was such a big deal.

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Obama’s approval numbers drop 7 points in 30 days

I’m not one to point out polls on a regular basis, primarily because the results can be so different depending on the questions asked and the way the questions are asked. But anyway … A CNN poll has President Obama’s approval at 48 percent, 7 points less than it was just one month ago.

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Voters Ready to Punish Democrats?

John has been following the polls very closely, once again compelling us to push up his link on the page. it also deals directly with one of our polls yesterday … are Democrats overreaching. I am not so sure. But it is an interesting narrative.

The parties are now in a virtual dead heat, with 40% preferring a generic Democratic candidate and 39% choosing the generic Republican.

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