Earn more! Government pay higher than private sector

And the numbers you’ll see beneath the fold does not reveal the huge disparity in benefits provided to those with public sector jobs. In 83 percent of comparable jobs, government employees make more.

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Obama admits private sector key to improved economy UPDATE: Video

No friggin’ kidding? You mean to tell me the private sector is the engine of the United States economy? I swear less than a year ago politicians in-the-know were telling us we – the people – had no clue how to spend our own money and improve the economy on our own.

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“Old” Schooling George Stephanopoulos

The debate is raging over whether any spending on anything of any kind is stimulating to the economy. Pell grants, schools, bridges, ATVs, Honey Bees, grass on the mall, etc. doesn’t grow the economy. The work is temporary and requires taking money from citizens. But alas White House Advisor and ABC host of This Week, George Stephanopoulos doesn’t understand.

Finally a frustrated Steele blurts out …  “If government jobs could grow he economy George, why don’t we all quit our private jobs and get government jobs.?”


I think that’s the moment the tingle went up George’s leg.