Less than 2 percent of Dodd’s first quarter donors Connecticut residents

The statistic is even more laughable when you hear that during the first quarter of 2009, only five Connecticut residents donated to Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-Conn.) 2010 Senate race. Although Dodd has yet to declare he is running for reelection in 2010, donations are coming in. Out of approximately 400 donors, only five are Connecticut residents.

This should be a strong whack to the head for those of you who think that the federal government is not too big. These donations – totaling more than $600,000 just in the first quarter of 2009, came from people that Chris Dodd does not even represent.

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Peter Urban, a staff writer for reports

Dodd raised less from Connecticut residents than he did in 18 other states and the District of Columbia, according to campaign finance documents filed Wednesday.

He took in $90,795 from Massachusetts residents, $81,550 from Texas, $56,150 from Maryland, and $53,400 from New York.

Dodd also collected $437,407 from political action committees, including two based in Connecticut that contributed $7,000. He took in $2,271 from individuals contributing less than $200 each.

Overall, Dodd’s campaign reported ending the first quarter of 2009 with nearly $1.4 million cash on hand, according to campaign finance documents filed Wednesday.

This story – along with similar reports – should be used as “talking points” for the founders of the taxed enough already (TEA) parties. The federal government has incrementally taken more and more power from the states – and the people – and this is the result.

Congress ends up being some sort of ruling class where they feel no need to actually represent their constituents on a full time basis. Their power has grown, and committee chairmen – especially those on appropriations committees – have the power to dictate where federal dollars are spent.

It truly is an old-boys and girls network type of legislative effort when residents from state “A” must contribute to a senator or representative from state “B” to ensure their state gets “their share” of federal dollars for funding to replace traffic lights.

In more Dodd news, President Obama recently mentioned that he’s supporting the Dodd for Senate 2010 campaign. From

“I can’t say it any clearer: I will be helping Chris Dodd because he deserves the help,” Obama told the Globe yesterday in a phone interview from Air Force One, as he flew to Mexico on a diplomatic trip.

Oh goody.

Chris Dodd (D-Bernie Madoff)

It looks like he’s gone from (D-CT) to (D-Countrywide) to (D-Bernie Madoff). Oh yeah. My question is … where will this stop?

Oh my – it turns out that Bernie Madoff and Ruthie forked over $300,000 of stolen money to the Democrats and, of course, those with their paws out included Chris Dodd, Charles Rangle and Chuck Schumer.

Make sure you follow the link thee to Don Surber who found the story. His blood pressure is rising. How about yours?

The New York Post reported that Mr. and Mrs. Madoff want to keep $69 million in cash and assets, including their $7 million penthouse.

Why aren’t these crooks behind bars pending trial?

Democratic administration. I forgot.

Hey, instead of jail, just add him to the Cabinet. He’ll fit right in.

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