Gretta defends Palin … spanks Fox News Anchor

Like many others, Friday afternoon I was glued to, well in my case, my radio, as I drove to the Cape for a July 4th celebration, when I heard this exchange between Fox New anchor Greg Jarrett and Gretta Van Susteren. The fireworks get started when Jarrett touches the third rail for women … work and children … and then applies it to Sarah Palin. Talk about lighting Gretta’s fuse.

I cringed myself when he started to ask the question … to me it kinda sounded like, well she has children and maybe she should just take care of them. Actually, it made Jarrett sound pretty pompous. He tries to cover his butt at the end (ha) but damage done. He gets spanked … deservedly so I think … but maybe I am wrong? Was Greg about to go where no man should, or was it a proper question?

PS: I left the sign off at the end … Jarrett pretty much just says see ya Gretta and on to the next interview. Hey … in the words of Southwest Airlines … need to get away?