CCSU Lockdown – Student charged with Breach of Peace

My only comment on the three-plus hour event today at Central Connecticut State University will be referencing the law the student has been charged with.

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University professor calls cops after presentation on gun rights

A few months ago I wrote that some people tend to freak out at the sight of a gun magazine let alone an actual firearm. Many thought I was exaggerating. Right. Well now we have a university student presenting a topic concerning Second Amendment rights and the professor calls the cops.

Hat tip to reader Jerry. Read the post on Central Connecticut State Universities (CCSU) The Recorder Online.

Professor Called Police After Student Presentation
For CCSU student John Wahlberg, a class presentation on campus violence turned into a confrontation with the campus police due to a complaint by the professor.

On October 3, 2008, Wahlberg and two other classmates prepared to give an oral presentation for a Communication 140 class that was required to discuss a “relevant issue in the media”. Wahlberg and his group chose to discuss school violence due to recent events such as the Virginia Tech shootings that occurred in 2007.

Shortly after his professor, Paula Anderson, filed a complaint with the CCSU Police against her student. During the presentation Wahlberg made the point that if students were permitted to conceal carry guns on campus, the violence could have been stopped earlier in many of these cases. He also touched on the controversial idea of free gun zones on college campuses. [more]

Nothing like a little First Amendment bashing of those speaking about the dreaded Second Amendment.

Wahlberg was called to the CCSU police department – a division of the Connecticut State Police – where they listed off the firearms registered to him and asked him where they were kept. Talk about harassment.

Before commenting further on Wahlberg’s presentation, it would be great to actually see it in video format, the slides or the presentation notes.

Does anyone know how to get in contact with Wahlberg to see if we can get a copy of his presentation?