Better to be a single “Democrat” parent I guess

This too via Glenn Reynolds, but I am posting it because as a single Dad who reared his children I find this story interesting and appalling on two fronts. The first of course is Glenn’s take that what if this were a Republican. That doesn’t move me so much because frankly I expect it at this point.

What bothers me about this is the cavalier attitude on the part of Orzag. Lord knows I am not passing judgement on people’s actions. But when the President preaches to all of us about responsible fatherhood (which i do not disagree with) and then appoint a man who demonstrates what I consider to be irresponsible behavior and a cavalier attitude toward fatherhood, it sends an alarming message that the speech was “just words”.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. I will make many more if I live long enough. But when it comes to being a father, it’s owning up to responsibility that is the true measure of a man. Instead it seems we have another example of “if it feels good do it.”

If it became known that a Cabinet-level official in George W. Bush’s administration — a divorced father of two — was the father of a baby born out of wedlock to an ex-girlfriend, and that the official had announced his engagement to a woman he met while the ex-girlfriend was pregnant, do you believe for one second that reporters, and not just gossip columnists, wouldn’t be having a field day?

Kill the messenger – Boxer ignores content of Climategate e-mails

Apparently, the culture of “moral equivalency” reaches even into the Senate. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) thinks the real tragedy and crime of Climategate is not the content within the e-mails, rather the way they were accessed and released. She wants Congress to investigate the hacker.

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Thank you for calling me Senator … Bawahhahahaha

Your Friday funny. Where was this guy during the election … hmmm? Read more

Boxer to Graham:”Hello Pot … My Name’s Kettle”

It’s always do I say with Democrats, not as I do. Or maybe its just they project on conservatives what they always seem to do themselves. Maybe that’s why they love to play gotcha.

Here’s video of Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the most theatrical senators in Congress, calling out Lindsey Graham for being … well … ummm … theatrical?


and here she is … just one … count em … one day later. It’s a loop because its all Fox showed. My guess she plenty more visual aids down there.