South Carolina mayor: No more police foot chases

I’m not kidding, and she certainly seems determined. The mayor of Wellford, S.C. has instituted a policy banning law enforcement from chasing criminal suspects. She’s not just eliminating vehicle chases, but has banned foot pursuits as well. Maybe the mayor of Wellford has a line on a new tractor beam? Watch the video and you may get the impression she can order one online.

Mayor Sallie Peake’s reasoning? Law enforcement officers are getting hurt during chases, both in vehicles and on foot. I understand that she wants to avoid lawsuits and injuries, but I’m pretty certain broadcasting the new policy to criminals may not be a good idea.

Peake’s memo to the department dated Sept. 2 simply states “As of this date, there are to be no more foot chases when a suspect runs. I do not want anyone chasing after any suspects whatsoever.” From WSPA

Wellford Police Chief Chris Guy confirmed the memo was legitimate. He says he has told his officers to abide by the order until he can sit down with Peake and talk about it.

“This came about because an officer twisted his ankle while chasing a suspect a couple of weeks ago,“ said Chief Guy.

We don’t have background information on what has happened in Wellford prior to the twisted ankle, but honestly, the part of the story that really must be discussed is Peake’s video interview with WSPA’s Chris Cato.