Romney on Religion

Here’s video of the speech and the text as well at Powerline. Thanks to Scott Johnson for being on the show today.

My Point on this is pretty simple. I find it amazing that a candidate has to give this speech in America today and wish he had not … but that’s done and over with. It was indeed eloquent and I think in many ways a powerful one on the role of religion in America. But the comparisons with Kennedy’s speech I think are off base. The Baptists were concerned, I believe, about Kennedy’s religion because of the Papacy and to a much lesser extent dogma. To whom did he owe his allegiance – the country or the Vatican.
In Romney’s case, as I understand it, Evangelical’s were not so much concerned about his loyalty to country. Their concerns, as I understand it, lie more in dogma and see the LDS as a cult. 
Of course in both cases, for some, it’s simply hatred and mistrust. But no speech will change that. I, of course, could be very wrong but I doubt he won over those, nor do I think he answered any questions they may have … and the rest of us never cared about his religion. So for me the speech was nothing more than an historical essay on religion in America.
I wish we judged a person, not so much by the faith they profess, but by their actions. Works tell us more about a person’s belief than words. Words without works are empty.