Pajamas TV launch this week

I began seeing advertising on blogs concerning Pajamas TV in the last 24 hours or so. Vicevich posted a note letting us know quite a collection of conservative bloggers will be featured guests and contributors to the Web video network.

A media 2.0 venture, Pajamas TV is a subscription model with little or no advertising. It seems pretty interesting.

The subscription model is defined here. Quite honestly, it’s too complicated for my marketing tastes, with alpha, beta and regular rates for basic, standard and premium services. The beta rates even change every month (increase) through December. (It’s a bit complicated guys.)

The premium service will be good for watching on your home TV – quality pushed would be good for 40 inch screens.

The regular subscription rate starts at $15 per month, and goes up to $37 per month.

For many, this price may be out of reach, but there are alternatives out there to keep up-to-date with the content produced by Pajamas TV bloggers and affiliates – Google Reader. Google Reader is the Web application that allows me to keep track of posts from all of the blogs that I regularly visit.

To get going with Google Reader, you just need a GMail account, one of my preferred e-mail clients for personal use. Once you log in to your GMail account, simply click on the Reader link at the top of the page.

Once in, you can subscribe to RSS feeds from bloggers and other news sources in a couple of different ways. I’m thinking about putting together a quick video screencast with instructions on how to set it up, but my guess is that someone out there has already done so.

What’s cool is that your preferences follow you from computer to computer. You can check your Google Reader account from any computer connected to the Internet. You can use your iPhone and I think there may be a way to read posts on your Blackberry.

One thing – sometimes authors provide you with little information to go on. In other words, the stories abstract may be too short for you to get the general jist of what’s in the post. On the other hand, sometimes you get too much information.

Don’t get me wrong about Pajamas TV, it looks pretty cool and will be a welcome additional resource for many. I’ve also got no issues with the pay-for-service model. These ventures have salaries and bills to pay ya know?