My Problem with John McCain

John McCain & Global WarmingActually, this is just one problem that I have with McCain. There are others. (Click here if you can not see the image, copyrighted by AP.)

Whatever dude…

Doesn’t he realize that as of around Dec. 15 last year, the memo went out to stop using the term “global warming” in favor of the new and improved “climate change?”

There is no consensus in science. The smart global climate expert geeks don’t go into a room and vote. It’s not majority rule. There are studies, peer reviews and more studies.

Guess what? There are plenty of studies, peer reviewed, from very reputable groups that are letting us know that global warming – or climate change if you prefer – is a natural thing for the world. It happens. The place warms up, it cools off.

To think that humans can cause the climate to change – or fix it – is, in a word, vanity at it’s extreme.