Indoctrination at Nikelodeon

Since indoctrination into liberal thought by one of the leadership groups of the Democrat party – the National Education Association (NEA) – is not enough, liberals need to cover their basis on the evening TV broadcasts for young adults. Last night at 9 p.m., Nickelodeon premiered a Nick News with Linda Ellerbee special – I’m American and They’re Not. It’s too bad that the parents of these kids break the law and come into the country, and then have kids. I certainly feel bad for the kids, and the families are put in a terrible spot.

Ellerbee interviews a three families that are having a tough time, but only tells a small part of the story. She’s said that she is being non-biased, but doesn’t that mean telling both sides to the story? What about communities that are loosing ERs due to illegal aliens stealing services? Rising school costs? Maybe Ellerbee should go out and speak to the families who have been devastated by aliens who should have never been in the states?

Nickelodeon is starting to have a history with twisting history and indoctrination with everything including environmental issues and anti-war themes. Malkin has more too.

There are many illegal aliens that come into the U.S. with a specific goal; have kids. They can generally get free health care, free education and other services too. If caught, they can play the “what-about-the-children card,” and this is where we are now.

Looking for solutions? Maybe ending the anchor baby loophole, securing our border and heavily fining businesses that hire illegal aliens would be a good start.