How About Knife Control?

Here’s a new – but old – story for readers; 3 Students Stabbed; Pa. School Evacuated. I think that we need federal knife control legislation. How many kids need to get hurt or die? Not one more I say!

READING, Pa. (AP) – Three students were stabbed Wednesday morning at a junior/senior high school by an angry student who had a canister of propane when confronted by school administrators, school and police officials said. The student at Antietam Middle-Senior High School in Lower Alsace Township was taken into custody by police after school officials disarmed the boy. Students were evacuated to a district building in a neighboring community.

Principal James Snyder said he and a teacher were responding to a disturbance when they confronted the student, who held them at bay with the canister.

“He was very upset with the school and with all the people who were in the school at that particular time,” Snyder said.

When the boy would not surrender, a teacher swatted the student’s arm, knocking the canister from his hand, Snyder said.

I’m glad that the three kids are going to be okay and suffered only minor injuries, and yes, I know, a firearm would have done more damage. How about we do some research on the number of people who are seriously injured or killed by a knife or blunt object, and compare that to those seriously injured or killed by firearms?

Gun control does not solve issues. In general, criminals do not buy guns legally and they don’t follow the law anyway. It does not mean much for them. It does however, prevent people from evening the odds and protecting themselves.

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