Ed Guay Speaks

I think very much of this man. His economic projections are usually right on the money. The list is long. Here’s info on him.
Projections: (OK … this is my summary, from memory, subject to change.) We can still avoid a recession but changes in the tax code must be made to encourage exports. Exports he says, make up a greater part of the economy than housing and can more than make up for the dollar loss to the overall economy. Businesses and individuals need to plan for changes in the tax code next year. Some of the current provisions will be allowed to expire. And finally he warned that America needs to get used to dealing with emerging economic powers around the world, China of course, but also South America (Brazil) and India. We are no longer the lone super power. Of course, he says, our economic status can be imporved by changes in the tax code that enable American companies to compete on an even playing field with European companies, namely lowering tax rates back to 80’s levels thus giving Washington the abilitt to close off special interest loop holes in the tax code.