Do over

Can’t say I’m not fair. President Obama says today what he should have said three days ago. He dedicates his 4 minute weekly address to the massacre at Fort Hood. It’s a good speech but it’s his third try.

The first one you can watch here and not only did it stun even the mainstream media at its coolness and lack of compassion (Obama’s version of the two minute gap) but apparently beltway insiders too. His second try was better yesterday but folks inside the WH must have sensed his failure to address the Fort Massacre until two minutes into his speech, was a gaff worth correcting twice.

It’s mostly an expression of condolence to the families at Fort Hood which is appropriate I feel. Still he only briefly addresses the murdering thug who killed 13. I suppose this is appropriate too if this is now a criminal matter and no longer a war. I think it’s the latter but I’m not the President.