Democrats Seem to Always Want to Change the Rules

I don’t get it. Prior to the primary and caucus starting gun, the Democrats set the rules. The Michigan and Florida delegates would be punished since they went against party policy and scheduled early primaries. Keep in mind that the Democrat party is not the government, they are a private party and can make up any rules that they want. There was no voter disenfranchisement because this was not a general election. These were party primaries.

Now, of course, every vote must count! And because the Democrats realized that they shot themselves in the foot with first the superdelegates and then the early primaries, they are trying to change the rules.

Get this – Howard Dean is suggesting a 50/50 split of the Michigan delegates. Clinton won the state with 55 percent of the vote and Obama never was even on the ballot. Who’s votes in Michigan are being disenfranchised now?

Ace has more.

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Steve McGough

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