Concealment and the Second Amendment – Goldberg Update

Quick update concerning this post from February 1. You’ll remember that in June of 2007, James Goldberg, a Connecticut resident with a valid state pistol permit, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of breach of peace at a restaurant in Glastonbury, Conn.

Long story short – read this post for some background. Note originally Goldberg was told that he would have to wait until May 2009 – 22 months – for a hearing with the permit board.

I’m pretty certain that Goldberg never did get his hearing, but the reinstatement letter was released today. So much for 22 months, maybe the pressure got to the board? [Note that I’m not sure if Goldberg did or did not get an official hearing.]

Here is the reinstatement letter courtesy Even though there is only two paragraphs, the commissioner felt the need to get a dig in. Here’s the second paragraph.

Further incidents that call into question your suitability to hold a permit will be investigated and may lead to permanent revocation of the permit.

Of course, “further incidents” are not defined by the legislature or the State Police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. It would not be in their interest.

I’m fine with suggesting concealment, the problems arise when you require it. From my previous post.

By requiring concealment, they open up a can of worms. Who determines the violation? What if a pistol owner is transferring their weapon from their holster to a lock box in their car and someone sees the pistol transfer? (This would be required of permit holders when entering gun-free (target rich) zones.)

What if someone doesn’t like you and knows that you carry concealed. Could they just call law enforcement and tell them that you saw a gun in a holster on that person and have them arrested?

I’m not certain what the solution is, but when you have a certain percentage of the population that totally freak out when they even see a gun magazine, let alone a Sig P229R DAK or a Glock 19, we’ve got a different sort of problem.

Those people have been brainwashed to think that these inanimate objects will frequently jump off a table – or out of a holster – and fire a round off for the heck of it. That would be the issue to solve.