China Falls Short of Expectations

Yeah of course, but what the heck did you expect? China was in the running for the Olympics to get world-wide acceptance. Once the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave it to them, they got what they wanted. Of course, the IOC said China promised that winning the right to host the Olympics would result in improved human rights for everyone in China. I’m not seeing the cause and effect relationship there at all.

Of course, the corporate sponsors saw a huge market, so they wanted to get into China to sell stuff. I’m wondering how they will feel when their corporate sponsorship of the games in Beijing leads to product boycotts. I definitely see that cause and effect relationship.

Ace has more, and AFP has this…

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said the Games were in “crisis” following the demonstrations, and urged China to respect its pledge to improve its rights record before the event begins in August.

China fired back that Rogge should keep politics out of the Olympics, which Beijing hoped would showcase its much-touted “peaceful rise” to power — but which have instead become a public relations nightmare.

When you lie with dogs in the sandlot, expect to get fleas and ticks.

Even though the Olympic Torch Relay has been a disaster for the IOC thanks to the Free Tibet protestors, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming next. The Global Warming crowd has already started nailing the IOC about the carbon footprint the relay is leaving in it’s wake.

I don’t think any politician from the U.S.A. should attend the Olympics. That’s just my personal opinion, but I find it funny that the Nancy Pilosi grabbed a microphone and demand that the president boycott the opening ceremonies

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that while she does not advocate a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, she does think that the attendance of world leaders at the Opening Ceremonies would “give credibility and face” to the Chinese government and that a boycott should be considered by the president.

I agree with Pelosi? But then again, Obama wants to reach out to these dictators and work with them so what do we do? Interesting…

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