Because You Just Can’t Get Enough Joe

This is from Copious Dissent … because there’s never too much Joe, either one:

First the Biden Gaff Machine remains in high gear. Kinda eerie … almost methodical. Ha!

And here’s the video of Joe with Diane Sawyer. I’ve been in the business too long, and know all their little tricks. Start with a flattering question “Gee Joe you are soooo famous”, and then, no need to whack him because, well he’s a plumber and you are a Network anchor. So we’ll just pretend to be friends. The interview reeks with condescension. I love that reporter trick at the end … “Oh darn, one more question.” You set em up with a cutie question and then come back with what might be the zinger. Joe, on the other hand, could be speaking in a foreign language as far as Diane is concerned.