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Powerline had the story. Combine this with stories of Christian persecution in some parts of Iraq and ongoing in Southeast Asia and with respect to Bill O’Reilly, the war on Christmas isn’t just for Christmas anymore. I sense a trend.

When Good News IS Bad News

Instapundit points this out. Actually you would expect that online sales might not match the percentage growth from previous years. I would expect online sales increases would be greatest in its infancy and show slower increases overtime. But I could be wrong.

Bilingual is so overrated!

What do you call someone who speaks many languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who can’t speak Dutch? Miss Belgium. Ha! I know … another beauty of a story … but … this one is really different. Bilingual is so overrated!

Who says TV people are all style and no substance?

I didn’t get to this this morning … but desperately wanted to. It’s about a Philly anchor girl (hey, if its good enough for Senator Clinton) … anyway seems she was riding with her boyfriend in New York … well … you gotta read it.

Go Joe!

Senator Lieberman certainly has the attention of conservative bloggers with his McCain endorsement. Powerline has some thoughts here … and … here. A McCain/Lieberman ticket sure sounds interesting though … or is it Lieberman/McCain. Then again with the way things are going in Iraq now … maybe nobody cares about an anti-terrror ticket.

Party Time

Great column from Kevin in the Hartford Courant. I have trouble just getting people to show up for my birthday … and I am not even charging them … and the food is free. But then again …