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When Good News IS Bad News

Instapundit points this out. Actually you would expect that online sales might not match the percentage growth from previous years. I would expect online sales increases would be greatest in its infancy and show slower increases overtime. But I could be wrong.

Bilingual is so overrated!

What do you call someone who speaks many languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who can’t speak Dutch? Miss Belgium. Ha! I know … another beauty of a story … but … this one is really different. Bilingual is so overrated!

Who says TV people are all style and no substance?

I didn’t get to this this morning … but desperately wanted to. It’s about a Philly anchor girl (hey, if its good enough for Senator Clinton) … anyway seems she was riding with her boyfriend in New York … well … you gotta read it.

Go Joe!

Senator Lieberman certainly has the attention of conservative bloggers with his McCain endorsement. Powerline has some thoughts here … and … here. A McCain/Lieberman ticket sure sounds interesting though … or is it Lieberman/McCain. Then again with the way things are going in Iraq now … maybe nobody cares about an anti-terrror ticket.

Party Time

Great column from Kevin in the Hartford Courant. I have trouble just getting people to show up for my birthday … and I am not even charging them … and the food is free. But then again … 

Brave, smart and beautiful!

As you know, I know more than just a few women soldiers … my friend and Iraq War Veteran (and married) Melissa stands out … but there’s Jess too and others. Smart, brave and beautiful Well as Glenn Reynolds notes … Connecticut has no monopoly. Check out Miss Utah.