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Turning food stamps to cash with bottle deposits

Everyone’s creative. Showing off their entrepreneurial spirit in many states around the country, some recipients are turning their federal government-provided food stamps into cash by purchasing inexpensive cases of bottled water, dumping out the water in the parking lot, and turning in the bottles for cash at the same store.


Connecticut bottle deposit story

Today, the state of Connecticut got permission to grab the bottle deposit money that was held in accounts by distributors and drop $6 million into – what I presume to be – the state’s general fund. The Hartford Courant has the story and my questions are below. The state won a court battle Wednesday that […]


New Jersey lawmakers still want to steal unused gift cards

Last summer, New Jersey ammended the state’s Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, allowing the state to seize (steal) unused money on gift cards. The law was signed by Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.). In November, a judge temporarily struck down the law. How I missed this before, I just don’t know, as is a prime example of actions […]


Lawmakers propose laws to generate cash, control behavior

Follow the money; that’s what I’m asking you to do. In February the Connecticut State Legislature added bottled water to the states bottle bill law. It has yet to pass, but while they were at it, why not look for other ways to generate cash for the state and other special interests. Now the state […]


Recycling Gone Mad

Why does the government make things so difficult? By definition – since we’re talking about the government after all – this is a rhetorical question, but some people are so confused about recycling rules that they have simply given up; hiding plastics of all sorts inside of paper bags in the regular trash cans. I […]