Your school’s future? Pornographic Anti-Christian Harvard Art Show Funded By Obama’s Safe Schools Czar

I feel better now, knowing this is the kind of stuff your kids will be bringing home from school. As Gateway Pundit puts it … it’s not like these folks in the White House are Mao worshipers or anything.

I will not display the pictures here … they are in my view disgusting.  But according to Mass Resistance the Art exhibit, organized by Act Up, at Harvard  … is funded in part by none other than sage school’s czar Kevin Jennings. Here’s what Mass wrote:

This exhibit is a window into what the homosexual movement thinks of you, your children, religion, and America. It involves sexual perversion, child pornography, and anti-Catholic bigotry. And it’s what your “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings supports.

It’s at Harvard University’s prestigious Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts from Oct. 15 through Dec. 23, 2009.MassResistance was there for the opening night. It was pretty disturbing.

I strongly disagree with one sentence. It’s not what the homosexual community thinks of you. But it is what the radical homosexual community thinks of you and your God. DO NOT, condemn those who are homosexual for the acts of these radicals. But this is yet another case where people, straight and gay have to speak out and demand an explanation, from Harvard, and from our safe schools czar. Jennings need to go now.

Who knew that one day your refrigerator would be “X” rated.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Is this the same academia that will cancel talks, books etc. that criticize Islam?   The homosexual community feels free to attack Catholics that might criticize their actions, but God forbid (pun inteded) that they will utter a single iota of criticism over a religion that will condemn and kill them outright.


    They are gutless cowards uttering hypocritical lip service.

  2. BEA
    BEA says:

    I feel sick to my stomach.  I didn't believe it could be as disgusting as suggested…it was.  Even more disturbing was seeing a picture of the families and children viewing this filth.  And some of this is being plastered on the side of public transportation!

    I'm willing to bet that these so called "artists" and our new "safe" schools czar are also part of the crowd that believe a cross displayed in the desert, or a Christmas tree in a public school, or the 10 commandments in a public courthouse are all "offensive".

    My heart is so heavy at the direction our country is taking.

  3. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Please accept my critical remarks. My hope is that you are not defensive about them, rather think about them openly. This story is missing a lot of details. How does this guy contribute? Did he make a contribution to an organization that contributed? You are pretty quick to jump to conclusions here without citation of a any source outlining the nature of the contribution.  I don't see anything about bringing anything home from school as you indicate in this first sentence. And this is a window into an ART EXHIBIT. This has absolutely nothing to do with schools as yo insinuate in the title.

    This is not in any way what the homosexual community thinks of you, or your religion. It is both 100% wrong and really disappointing to see you make these statements here. It is what an artist MAY think of you and your religion and the statements that you make are designed to fuel a fire of hatred towards homosexuals, which in my opinion is totally irresponsible. You may say that homosexuals are fueling a fire towards you and your religion, but in my opinion your generalization in this case is way way out of line and offensive.

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