Your Krauthammer Moment: No tax cuts, no budget, they’re incompetent

It’s the Democrats he’s talking about, mostly because they are in charge, with huge majorities. But wait there’s more. Vast numbers of that huge majority sided with the Republicans … retain the Bush Tax rates across the board for the people and the people that employ the people. Bipartisan! Maybe that’s why CK calls the Democrats incompetent. Or maybe, its just because they are.

This is one the whole family can enjoy because CK lays the ground work and makes his point all in a few seconds. Big majorities and yet over the course of two years four years they have not found a way to deal with the expiring Bush tax cuts, not have the Democrats found a way to cobble a budget together. Genius!


Don’t let any Democrat say this is the Republicans fault. I seem to remember a Republican who begged the Democrats to make the tax cuts permanent. Remember? Hmmmmmmm? They laughed.


Oh and one more thing. The Republicans had captured the hearts, minds and votes of 47 Democrats. Bipartisan. Nancy wouldn’t bring em to a vote because she knew she would lose. Great call Madam Speakah!


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So their social programs were worthy of their time and effort, but they can't even do their basic job: coming up with a budget for the federal government.  How about taxes, high or low?  Perpetuating the recession is hurting them, not the Republicans, no matter how many times they blame Bush.


    Why don't they just ram through one like they did Øbamacare etc?  Isn't that at least as important as their social engineering, or will it reveal something they don't want everyone to see before the election, like huge tax increases?

  2. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    Dims Does the Dems – you are 100% correct. The leadership can't hide the coming tax increases, and they can't throw a bone by backing down from the Bush-era cuts before the elections – they would just look like liars to their core constituents, to whom they promised to let the cuts expire. Also don't underestimate N. Botox Pelosi who is determined to hide the extent that Democrat resolve has crumbled. Hence as King Arthur said: "Run Away!"      

  3. Tim-in-Alabama
    Tim-in-Alabama says:

    Chuck Krauthammer insults incompetents everywhere with his smear comparing them to Barry, Joe the Dumber, Harvey Rude, Nuncey Peloser, Chris Dud and Barney Fwank.

  4. Wind
    Wind says:

    Dims…you took the words out of my mouth. Such a disgrace this Government is and I can not wait for November. I feel the die is cast and no matter what the commercials say or display, people have decided. Tim, Charles gives credit where credit is due and is one of the only few voices of wisdom in Washington and the Country.

  5. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    The dems are either ramming unwanted/unneeded legislation down our throats or running from legislation that the American taxpayers actually CARE ABOUT until after the election…What is WRONG with this picture?  Do they work for us or is this a game to them?  I picture lawndarts (now outlawed for OUR SAFETY!) and some hilarious outcomes I'll keep to myself…

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