Your Chris Matthews Fix: Howard Dean as John The Baptist, John McCain an imbecile

I know you hate this stuff … but ….  but, this has everything you have come to expect from Chris in just one short sound clip.

The topic is Obama’s “measured” response on the turmoil in Iran. Matthews returns to religious imagery to describe yet another Democrat … calls most of us idiots … calls John McCain an imbecile (albeit while praising him). Poor PJ O’Rourke … he tries to hold the fort but it ain’t easy with this crowd. Best response comes from O’Rourke … “Do you think Ahmadinejad’s going to hate us anymore than he already does?”


I wonder? Does he think this helps his ratings? If he does … does he wonder why it doesn’t? Ha!

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  1. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    What has happened to Matthews. While never a righty, he was AT LEAST a tad open minded many many years ago. Thats changed. Anyone know why?

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Now here's a show that doesn't need boycotting! Nobody watches it except Jim! 😉 Matthews is such a flaming, lockstep liberal rumpswab and Obama groupie that the show becomes painfully predictable, and thus, painfully boring.

    Ever notice how lefties can't manage to make any of their programming popular on its own merit? Err America crashed and burned, even after stealing from orphans to prop it up. NPR/PBS? They have to steal from us via taxes (or the McDonald fortune) or run telethons to prop up their shows. Liberal "news"papers? Losing readers and advertisers like rats deserting a sinking ship. Competition for Rush, Glenn, Hannity, Savage, Boortz, Levin, Carr etc? Fuhgeddaboutit!

    Out of desperation, they are even trying to force the "Fairness" Doctrine down our throats (apologies to Barney Frank) in order to force people to watch their crap.

    Maybe the pendulum is swinging back. I just worry that it has swung so far to the left, that the swing back will be equally as extreme. It couldn't be worse though.

  3. Jim Vicevich
    Jim Vicevich says:

    Dims … you never cease to crack me up. But please … thou giveth me too much credit. I don't watch it. I tape it … and skim through at 3x speed that night and the next day. Ha! And no … he doesn't sound any better at 3x.

    Wait … I've just given away my secret of how I go through 12 hours of programming every night. Please don't think less of me everyone.

  4. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Oh yeah, why would Obama criticize an corrupt election? Given the "liberties" Obama took with funding and the truth, as well as his association with ACORN and the New Black Panthers, he is in no position to say bupkis.

    "First big, squishy president" is right! Notice how the world's bullies are strutting their stuff now that Mr. "no preconditions" is commander in chief?

  5. Jim Vicevich
    Jim Vicevich says:

    Oh … and my computer malfunctioned this afternoon because I tried opening too many programs so … I accidentally erased Shep, parts of Wolf … all of the Fox Live Desk … and … no wait … somehow it recorded … you guessed it … Chris Matthews. Yea, Dims.

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