You say tomato … I say …

My mom used to sing that song … now the Democrats are singing it too. Tonight’s Neil Cavuto moment comes with West Virginia Democrat Congressman Nick Rahall.Points to watch: Neil starts him off with won’t you have to do more than just raise the taxes on the rich ($250,000) to pay for all this spending? The discussion degrades into talking points.

Follow along folks … “We inherited the deficit”(Neil smacks that down).” It’s not a tax increase , it’s a tax cut expiration” (Oh brother, that’s my favorite). “Spending has to big and bold.” Rahall seems like a nice guy, and I don’t think even he believes it. He is a good soldier. Your laugh of the day.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Reflexively blame Bush and the Republicans.  Lockstep and kneejerk.   This guy is way out of  his league.  "Transparent?"  "Honest?"  The Dems couldn't spell the words.

    Everything I have seen and heard indicates that any money that Obama will presumably give to us (under $250K) will be consumed by businesses, and energy companies in particular,  passing their new costs onto us?   How in hell is this going to boost the economy?

    Deval (Devolve?) Patrick, governor of MA, is proposing to eat up any savings with a new gas tax increase.  He says it will only impact families about $8/week.  Horsepuckey!  If that is the case, then tax us the $8 and be done with it.  He won't, because he is lying.  Obama Jr.

    And just why is it that auto drivers have to subsidize public transportation users?  Let them finance their own ride!   Nobody is offsetting my taxes, maintenance, fees, or insurance, much less my fuel bill.

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