You don’t like maids Ed.

Great exchange between Jim Carville and Ed Rollins, former Reagan aide. Carville tries to justify Pelosi’s extravagant trip to Italy as good for Italian relations and good for tourism. Rollins counters … “You’ve lost your instincts.” Carville counters, “You don’t care about maids and bellhops.”.

Once again, when all ethics fail, just fall back on the standard Democrat defense … “Republicans don’t care about … ummm … well, fill in the blank.


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  1. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Au contraire (see Mr. Kerry, not only Democrats speak French!): I think Carville is just the pit bull sent out on attack patrol.  He's quick on his feet, but his main gift to the Democrats is his belligerence and rudeness!

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