You asked for it! Barney Frank vs Joel Pollack

Ok, OK … I have had enough. Here it is! Plus, Joel Pollack’s interview with Gretta Van Susteren last night. As I said two days ago, what is so admirable about this is the way, despite the ridicule from a sitting US Congressman, who by the way works for Mr Pollack, he continued to ask his question waiting for an answer, which never came.

Just to set this up. Congressman Frank speaks to his constituents at Harvard two days ago addressing the financial meltdown. According to Pollack, a Harvard Law student, Frank blamed everyone but mostly Republicans for the housing, credit, financial crisis. So Pollack asks him a simple question. “Do you accept any responsibility for the crisis?” Barney makes a fool of himself. Pollack shows courage because the crowd clearly is with the Congressman


Here is a portion of the interview Gretta did with Mr Pollack last night. As Pollack says, after listening to Frank bash the Republicans, he just wondered if the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee might bear some responsibility.


I thought the kid was pretty good. Barney knocked him off target early on but hey, this ain’t a debating match. The Congressman had an obligation to answer the question. BTW, Pollack says, when he came to Harvard, he was a Democrat. Hmmmmm. Another convert.


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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    I have watched videos such as these always finding myself in awe at the arrogance of our public officials.  I am amazed by their ability to stare into a camera and flat out lie.  This video is especially upsetting.  Not only is Barney Frank denying ANY role in the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/Financial Meltdown debacle, he is shirking at the expense of this student.  One might even think he is doing this, not only to deflect, to feed his own ego.  Imagine that.  I mean really, who should be the more responsible person here? 

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    When did public servants become public gangsters?  I am guessing sometime around either the "Great" Society or the Great Depression.

    Frank is a caricature of what a politician should be.  He is a clown, using his iron clad district vote to run roughshod over the public.  He is the poster boy for term limits.

  3. TomTGRWolcott
    TomTGRWolcott says:

    I find it amazing, that a person holding a high position, in charge of so much, can not even listen to a person, answer a question posed to him…and yet go off on a tangent about something that had nothing to do with the question….we elect these people?  are you sure?

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