Yes We Can Monday

No … really … CBS is dedicating its TV shows on Monday to … umm … well? Welcome to “Yes We Can Monday”. In the tank? What would give you that idea?


Well I guess … sure, why not? But as HotAir points out ….. with Time Magazine comparing him to the “Voice of God”

Starting Jan. 20, the most powerful person in the world actually will be a black man. Although President Barack Obama is one of the greatest public speakers now practicing that art, he probably couldn’t get hired as the anonymous voice-over spokesman for a brand of cereal because he doesn’t sound black enough. Nevertheless, he is a beneficiary of this development. When God turned into an African American, it became less unthinkable that the President might be African American as well.

and the rest of the media jumping on the Abraham Lincoln bandwagon train …

The train rides are another symbolic link between Lincoln and Obama. The parallels range from the superficial – their tapered physiques, their young children living in the White House – to the serious: Lincoln freed the slaves, and Obama will be the first African-American president. 

“Yes We Can Monday” seems pretty tame.

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  1. Brian Partridge
    Brian Partridge says:

    In the tank.  Yes, CBS Entertainment is in the tank.  It can't be that they just want to try to take advantage of the massive appeal for Tuesday's event and draw people to watch their television shows.  Nah…

  2. Erik from WH
    Erik from WH says:

    if you don't think that people are going to try to profit from Obamania then your nuts. I'm looking for a way to make money off the guy. Oh wait I just have to sit home and do nothing!!!  Woot..

    Change Hope Bro….

  3. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    Hello, Southern New England (and the world) – did you hear my primal scream?

    Just as you think the big dogs at CBS are getting it (such as by the programming changes on WTIC-AM this month), they do something goofy like this.  Oh please….CBS, enough of this Obama promotion already.

    Monday night, its ESPN2 (or for the Lady Huskies vs. North Carolina – while listening to the expert play by play of our own Bob Joyce.  After that, an all night prayer session for the safety of our country once Tuesday at noon arrives.  (just kidding)

  4. rush
    rush says:

    Jim works for CBS.He makes them a lot of money through

    advertising.They used that money to help get Oboma elected.

    Oboma is going to ruin this country.In my book that makes

    Jim an enemy combatant.

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