Will the media select Romney as GOP nominee?

a la McCain. I’m seeing the set up. I’m pretty certain the main stream media could see Mitt Romney as a “reasonable” presidential candidate for the Republicans. I’m not at all interested in the lefty media making the choice for conservatives, but it’s worked in the past.

Three statements and policy decisions by Romney…

  1. Romney thinks global warming is a serious issue – partially created by humans – that we must solve. AJ Strata at Strata-Sphere Blog points out Romney has no clue what he’s talking about.
  2. Romney thinks the government should have a major role in health care. Granted, he thinks it should be a state solution, but the state solution he implemented as governor of Massachusetts certainly is not a success.
  3. Romney signed a permanent assault weapons ban when governor of Massachusetts. The federal assault weapons ban was a total joke and failure. Same with the state versions and I’ve proven what a joke it is.

I just received a note that Rush Limbaugh is discussing Romney and his global warming statements. Don’t forget health care and anti-gun legislation.

What else am I missing on Romney? Add your comments below.

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Thanks Steve, Needed some common sense to oppose Romney. Still with Cain, but could go with Pawlenty(sp?),if Cain falls out. I love Cain’s passion and no one else has that spirit

  2. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    As we learned in the last election cycle, be suspicious of any pro-GOP story from?the LSM.? Don’t worry about what they are saying watch?what they are doing.????

  3. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    We can’t go with a milk toast candidate.? We need someone with a machette mouth and a backbone- we need someone who makes that pencil neck professor in chief sweat and stutter!

  4. essneff
    essneff says:

    I gave up on?Mitt when he?stated in Iowa that he “supported ethanol subsidies” He is just another empty suit… a pandering?Elmer Gantry…….. color me stupid, but I like Pawlenty.. I would also?support Rick Perry in a heartbeat…. how can you not like a guy who goes out jogging with his dog, encounters a cyote…… & blasts the beast with his legal to carry firearm…….. ??what would Dannell have done in that situation? btw, nearly 40% of the so called Obama jobs have been created in Texas… (psst, NO STATE INCOME TAX!!!)

  5. joe_m
    joe_m says:

    Please, not another RINO. If Mitt gets the GOP nomination, the Republican Party is dead.

    No more politicians. We need Palin or Cain or Palin and Cain. If they never held a real job, get them out, no career politicians.

  6. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    I have serious difficulties with people who willingly give 10% of their earnings to a religion that was translated from (never seen) golden plates found buried in upstate NY. As such, the 1830 Book of Mormon is a pipe dream – a tissue of fallacies each more unlikely than the last. The religion just barely qualifies as a Christian sect. ?Yes, this is America and he can believe anything he wants to – but?I can’t repect him for?it. ?

  7. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    1.? We were entrusted to be caretakers of nature and the planet, and have collectively managed to pretty much destroy it.? God and the angels are weeping.
    2.???The Bible?states that there is a correlation between sickness and disease and not living according to God’s teachings.? From that vantage point, the world is on life-support and practically brain-dead.
    3.? Surely if we have a true faith in God and trust that “all things work together for good” to those who love Him, why on earth would we need to pack our homes with assault weapons???? We need to stand up to evil in spiritual ways or the natural will never improve.???
    4.? Romney’s mormonism should not be an issue.? We have elected protestant Presidents?and even a catholic president?- bet most of them were not as moral as Romney!? God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance and the Scripture teaches we are born into the place and environment?where we can best find Him (Ac 17:26,27).? Romney was born into his religion.??Mormons bring up their kids to be decent and upright – more than many “Christians” are willing to do.? God is bigger than any so-called, religious institution or church.

  8. Plainvillian
    Plainvillian says:

    I really liked Herman Cain’s comment when he was asked what the government should do to create jobs.? He said. “Get out of the way!”? The media covered Romney’s announcement to run with 400 attendees and ignored Cain’s announcement with 15,000 attendees.? I think that makes the media’s choice clear.
    Career Politicians have denigrated our once great country.? It’s time for new operatives to re-install founding values and proven practices.
    Here’s a guarantee:? If any Mormon is nominated by the republicans, on or about October 15th 2012 there will be another zealous democrat sheriff’s raid on a Mormon polygamist group and the media will make sure the Mormon will lose.? Besides that, Romney is old party, old? boy, old news.

  9. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    pv.? totally agree that career politicians have generally been a huge disaster for the country.? I’m hoping Rick Perry runs.? Like Cain a lot, but don’t think he has much of a chance of being elected.? On the other hand…..it’ll probably be the “same old, same old” – a pox on all the parties!!!!!!

  10. jack 4 time
    jack 4 time says:

    Romney is simply… a progressive.? Just like republicans Teddy Roosevelt & Herbert Hoover, “progressive” more precisely describe most politicians today… and far better than Dem or Rep, who’ve essentially devolved into the same (more government) club. (I even think Newt was hinting at this when he clumsily called (too much) recent Republican policy as much the same as what Dems do. There’s never any real cutting of government, not even it’s growth.)
    Progressives see government as the solution to everything. And they see themselves as technocrats (rulers), here to solve all problems leading groups of “smart” bureaucrats and authorized by law. Call it top down government.
    True conservatives & libertarians believe in bottoms up government… trust individuals & free markets more than big(ger) government, as proved by thinkers like Hayek. True free markets today have become corrupted by certain businesses, almost in a textbook fascist economic way, with Wall Street, military corporations, and other forces calling all the (real) shots (laws) in DC. As Reagan said, Government IS the problem.
    Romney is a fine…

  11. jack 4 time
    jack 4 time says:

    Romney is a fine man, but he believes more in government than eliminating it. My simple question for a candidate is… with a Rep congress & Senate, would you get rid of the depts of Education, Commerce & Energy? (& put the 5% of needed tasks there into other places, like our Nuke oversight programs etc).
    Our entitlement problems dwarf cutting those 3 depts, so if that question takes more than 3 seconds, the candidate is a progressive, not a radical for liberty. And we’re at a tipping point that requires a more radical direction than the last 60 years.

  12. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    I would also?support Rick Perry in a heartbeat. How can you not like a guy who goes out jogging with his dog, encounters a coyote & blasts the beast with his legal firearm. If this gets out he will be elected by acclamation.

  13. SeeingRed
    SeeingRed says:

    Christie will be in…I say sometime in September (after Labor day).? Herman Cain as his Veep would really fit nicely.? Mitt has a great business mind – too bad that there’s still room in there to think AGW is real AND that the Gubmint has any business in owning healthcare for all….

  14. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    The Republican Debate is tonight. Probably will not watch, won’t get the remote. But, I’m sure I’ll see plenty of soundbites. Rick Perry might be announcing on Cavuto tomorrow. We’ll see

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